Corporate Signage

Deciding when it is time for rebranding is a strategic decision for businesses, large or small. There are many factors to take into consideration, not the least of which is the cost. One of the most important factors is to understand the goals of the rebranding before launching the effort.

If a company is not reaching their target demographic, they may consider rebranding to attract a more targeted set of customers. For example, a business that started out of a garage but has grown to a large corporation may find that their original logo and signage are not sophisticated enough for their current place in the market. They may opt to seek out a signage company to help them reach their new target demographic.

Another company may decide that it needs rebranding because their logo is not meaningful to their target customer. Perhaps it is not conveying enough about the business to allow a customer to understand what the business is all about. They may opt to seek a signage company that will help them develop a more meaningful logo.

Yet another reason for rebranding is the simple need to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps a company’s original logo was very basic, but now they are finding that it isn’t distinct enough to set them apart. They may opt to seek a signage company that can help them develop a new logo that both reflects their industry and is distinctive.

Whatever the reason behind the rebranding decision, it’s important to select the right corporate signage company to help execute the rebranding. The right company will offer more than just manufacturing and installation. They will act as a partner throughout the entire process, offering a great range of signage options, from standard to custom. Look for a company like Priority Sign to guide you through the process from start to finish. Besides proven experience across a variety of industries, they also offer project management, focusing on timeline and budget.

With defined goals for the rebranding and an experienced signage company to help complete the task, companies are highly likely to see a return on their investment for the changes they have made.

Top Tips for Connecting with Customers to Make a Sale

Whether you sell real estate, medical supplies, business services or anything else, you need to know how to connect with your customers. While some think that they should spend hours chatting with customers over the phone and in person, you can generally form a connection much quicker than you expected. The more your customers feel they know you and know about your products or services, the more comfortable they will feel buying from you. The top tips for connecting with customers can help you make more sales and increase the average size of your sales.

Use Small Talk

Never underestimate that importance of small talk. Small talk opens the lines of communication between you and your customers, makes them feel a little more comfortable and lets you get to know each other better. Instead of talking about the weather during each meeting, think about other simple topics. You might chat about the local sports teams, any activities that you both enjoy or even business news. Use those topics during introductory meetings and later meetings too.

Ask Personal Questions

It’s almost impossible to get to know someone unless you ask a few personal questions. The problem is that you need to know which topics to focus on and which to avoid. If you meet in a customer’s office or home, take a few seconds to look around as you make small talk. This lets you learn some simple information about that person. You might ask about the spouse or children that you see in pictures on the desk, or you might ask about an award that you see out on display. This lets customers know that you really do want to learn more about them.

Give Personal Information

Some sales reps make the mistake of focusing too much on the customer and not enough time on themselves. Have you ever been around someone who asked you a series of questions without giving you time to respond? That’s exactly how those customers feel. Take the time to give some personal information of your own as a way to form a connection. You can talk about your children in elementary school, the vacation that you just took, a party you planned for your high school graduate or even your most recent experience on the golf course. This opens up a line of dialog between you both and gives your customers a way to interject information of their own.

Turn to Social Media

Social media is especially helpful in situations where you rarely meet with customers in person. When you connect to Francis Josiah, Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump and other leading professionals online, you can even connect with their followers. That might lead to higher sales or increased awareness of your brand online. Liking pictures or status updates that they post, leaving a simple comment on an update or even wishing someone a happy birthday shows that you care about them as more than just another customer. In addition to sites like Facebook, you can also use Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram to improve the connections you have with customers.

The personal relationships that you have with customers make them believe that you care about them outside of the business world. Form those connections and relationships through the use of social media, small talk and other methods.