Finding the Help I Need with Property Management Issues

I go online about a once a week to read updates from the Apartment Owners Association on a website that has to do with property management. I have 10 single rental houses and six duplexes that I rent out, so I always want to keep updated with what is going on. I have learned a lot of valuable tips over the years from reading the suggestions that they post, and I found myself going there to look for something specifically not that long ago. In one of my rental houses, the tenant was rushed to the hospital, where she died three days later.

I figured her adult children would come clean out her apartment. Continue reading “Finding the Help I Need with Property Management Issues”

Moving to Tampa Was the Right Thing to Do

When my ex moved to Florida with our two sons, I had to really think some things through. I only lived about 300 miles away from their new home, but it felt like so much further. I can work from anywhere, so I decided to look at some luxury apartments in Tampa FL to see if it was a move I could also make. I wanted to definitely have a three bedroom apartment, because I was planning on having the boys with me at times. I didn’t care that we live in the same city, because I still wanted my own one on one time with them, and i knew they wanted it with me too.

I was able to find a really nice apartment complex not too far from where she had moved to. Continue reading “Moving to Tampa Was the Right Thing to Do”

The Perfect Kitchen in an Amazing Condo

I wanted to find something that was close to downtown when I started looking at apartments. I looked at some of the complexes that I pass on my way to the hotel I was staying at, but I was not impressed. I decided to contact a downtown Denver real estate agent to see if there was something else on the horizon that I was possible missing. I was just settling for apartment living, but I would not mind having my very own home that I could call mine. It did not take me long to find the agent that I wanted to use, and he showed me some downtown condos and homes that blew me away.

I was expecting to find a nice apartment this way, but I could not believe when he showed me some of the places that were available. I knew as soon as he sent me the first list that I was on the right track with him. Continue reading “The Perfect Kitchen in an Amazing Condo”