Finding the Help I Need with Property Management Issues

I go online about a once a week to read updates from the Apartment Owners Association on a website that has to do with property management. I have 10 single rental houses and six duplexes that I rent out, so I always want to keep updated with what is going on. I have learned a lot of valuable tips over the years from reading the suggestions that they post, and I found myself going there to look for something specifically not that long ago. In one of my rental houses, the tenant was rushed to the hospital, where she died three days later.

I figured her adult children would come clean out her apartment. She still had six months left in her lease, so I wanted to get it rented out again as quickly as possible. Her children were dragging their feet though. I gave them time because of her death, knowing it had to be hard on them. However, I started losing money after they still had not done anything a month after the funeral. I wanted to make sure I was not overstepping any moral or legal boundaries by asking them to please take her furniture and personal belongings out so I could get it ready for a new tenant.

I knew that it was a delicate situation, and it was the first time I had ever encountered it in all the years I had been in the property business. I am so glad that the Association page that I visit had several articles concerning this, because I was truly at a loss. It also helped me understand what to do about her deposit, because that was another area where I was not sure what to do. The issue got resolved peacefully, and I am really thankful I had this resource to help me with it.

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