How To Be A Great Bartender

Tending bar can be a great job for college students or even a fantastic long-term career. However, tending bar isn’t as simple as it’s made to look on television and in movies. Although it can certainly be a very fun job, it also requires that one pays attention to safety, rules and regulations. If you’re considering entering this profession, there are a few things that you should know. Here’s some tips on how to be a great bartender.

Get Licensed and Educated

Becoming a bartender isn’t as simple as just filling out an application and getting hired. Before you begin, you have to undergo training and receive a TABC liquor license. For many potential bartenders, this feels like unnecessary hoops that they’re forced to jump through. However, there’s good reason why people are required to “jump through these hoops.” When you’re a bartender, you’re responsible for providing people alcohol. While alcohol is safe in moderated quantities, it can become extremely dangerous when people consume too much, especially if they proceed to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. This is why it’s important that bartenders are educated on how to properly serve people in order to ensure that everyone stays safe.

Consider What Sort Of Position You Want

Just as there are many different types of bartenders, there are many different types of jobs. For some people, the best fit will be a small neighborhood bar, where the tips might be average but the atmosphere is quite relaxed. For others, the bar at an expensive restaurant might be a better fit, which is an atmosphere that will be very formal but will also provide excellent tips. Figure out which type of bar will be the right fit for you.

Be Professional

It can be tempting to want to join the party when you’re behind the bar and everyone around you seems like they’re having so much fun. However, you have to remember that those people are paying customers and you’re an employee who’s at work. Never get intoxicated when you’re tending bar. Instead, stay sober and aware enough to ensure that everyone has fun in a safe way.

Tending bar is a great way to make money. If you follow these tips, you can ensure that you’re an educated, licensed and proficient bartender. Remember, it’s your job to make sure that your customers have fun, but also that they remain safe.

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