Things to Consider When Building a Commercial Bar Patio

Adding a small patio to your commercial bar is a great way to appeal to customers who hate staying inside on a hot day. They can head outside to chat with friends and enjoy the warm temperatures without leaving their drinks behind. Depending on the location of your bar, the patio may serve as the only place where customers can smoke a cigarette while enjoying a drink too. Before building a large or small patio on your bar though, you need to consider the layout and your city codes.

City Codes

Taking a trip to the courthouse in your city and looking up codes before construction begins can save you some money and stress in the future. You need to make sure that you have the permits required for your patio and that you have authorization or permission from the city to build that addition to your bar. If you hire professional builders to add the patio for you, they will often do the research and obtain the proper permits after getting an idea of the design and layout that you want.


The right layout and design of your patio can make that space more or less appealing to guests. A tiny patio with just a few picnic tables in a dark area with no lighting can actually turn off customers and make them stay inside. If you don’t have a lot of space for a big patio, you can bring in some outdoor lights that brighten up the space. You also need to think about the overall design of the patio. Contemporary patio paving works best with a more modern building, while traditional brick paves or natural stones look better with more traditional buildings.


It’s important that you decide on the location of that patio before meeting with contractors or accepting bids on the project. The final location of the patio depends on the layout of your bar and where you have space available. Some bars have an outdoor patio attached to the front of the building, which can catch the attention of customers before they come in for a first visit. A patio attached to the side or the back of your building may require that you advertise and tell customers about that space. Adding a new patio to your commercial bar can make your bar a neighborhood hot spot.

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